Sizzlers Veg.

Veg Steak Sizzler

(Stuffed tomato, Stuffed Capsicum one veg. cutlet with tomato steak sauce)
₹ 299.00

Italian Godfather On Sizzler

(Cheese balls and macaroni with white sauce and greated cheese)
₹ 299.00

Paneer Shaslik Sizzler

(Btr garlic rice, golden fried chunks of paneer with shaslik sauce)
₹ 299.00

Chinese Sizzler

(Veg. fried rice, veg. chowmin and chilly paneer served together on sizzler)
₹ 299.00

Butter Potatoes

(Btr sauteed roasted potatoes with cheese & garlic sauce on sizzler with fries)
₹ 299.00

Bbq Veg. Sizzler

(Tandoor roasted assorted vegetables with Bbq sauce)
₹ 299.00

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